Our challenge

In April 2018, a major French player in the field of energy transition and green growth at the service of the territories launched a national project tender to renew the occupancy agreements for the 3 occupants of the Port of Grenelle in Paris. The message travels all over Europe and one of the leading groups of the River Cruise contacts us to design its ambition. Challenge accepted! Based on a strategic vision projected for 2035, we have re-imagined the Port of Grenelle in collaboration with architects, urban planners, river engineers and sustainable development experts.

The idea

River ports are real assets for cities and they are at the heart of all thinking in terms of economic, territorial, social and ecological development. All these are issues with which we have worked to build a virtuous concept in order to re-enchant one of the most prestigious river ports in France's capital. "Les escales de Grenelle" connects us all thanks to the Seine. Tourist, sportsman, resident, contemplative poet or even a passing person, we have thought of everything that allows us to create a lasting bond.

The Team

- Consultant branding (freelance) : Edouard Kinziger

- Graphic designer (freelance) : Margot Barbut

kretz+partners_project Les escales de Grenelle Paris_concept design16.jpg

Our role in leading this project was to create and manage the strategy vision for 2035, design the concept's brand platform, its visual identity and territories and also to contribute to the definition of the business model and the financial plan for the project.


4 clusters of activities have been defined to re-enchant the port of Grenelle. These clusters must respond to an economic development challenge but above all to a multitude of uses to make "les escales de Grenelle” a place that creates links and services for the pleasure of its users, in the respect of the environment.

kretz+partners_project Les escales de Grenelle Paris_concept design4.jpg
kretz+partners_project Les escales de Grenelle Paris_concept design7.jpg
kretz+partners_project Les escales de Grenelle Paris_concept design12.jpg
kretz+partners_project Les escales de Grenelle Paris_concept design10.jpg